May 8, 2013

How To Grow Taller

Do you wanna grow taller?

Well, there is no magical crap that can make you taller. Don't even try taking in height enhancer pills or liquid contents. There is no sure(100%) and easy way to grow taller. But everybody has a chance to grow taller and I can provide you some advice to increase that chance.

1. Sleep early
             -sleep earlier than 11PM and wake up early like 6 or 7AM
             -cells repair and regenerate while you sleep (that's why you are taller when you just woke up)

2. Get extra sleep at noon
             -cells regenerate more and body lengthens

3. Eat more
             -eating more gives you more nutrients making you grow bigger (eat right/go, grow, glow)

4. Drink milk
             -drink milk 2-3 times a day of high calcium (calcium for bones)

5. Exercise regularly
             -do some stretch workouts atleast 1 hour a day (it helps lengthen your body)

6. Multivitamins(optional)
             -these pills are not the kind of pills that I have said earlier
             -these pills are pills that boost you to eat and intake more and give you an increase in energy
             -drink 1-2 pills daily (don't worry it's cheap)
             -you can also buy in syrup form but I don't know the right amount

So you can add more to this to increase your chance to grow taller.
I know these six ways are a bit hard to do and follow but you'll get used to it. Still, it's all up to you. Just rendering some help.


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