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Hey bros! Welcome to my blog. This blog is dedicated to all short guys out there. This blog serves as an inspiration to all short guys who feel down about their height.

Now let me introduce myself. I'm a simple guy with big dreams. As far as I know, I already achieved some of them and the ones left will be achieved soon. I'm 5'7 and I'm living a great life. I know 5'7 is kind of tall to some places but I consider it a bit short. I consider 5'9 and above tall. I have lots of friends and those friends helped me build myself. I'm successful as I am right now.

I was an early bloomer back then. I was the tallest person in class. I always play the center position in basketball back when I was in elementary school. In highschool, I grew several inches and every year I grew little more inches. When I reached 16, I stopped growing. Now I'm 18, I'm still tall as when I was 16. They say I still got 3 years(21 yrs. old) or 6 years(24 yrs. old). But here I am, still 5'7 and hoping to grow taller. Well, that's life and I'm proud of my height.

How about you, what's your story? How did your height affect your life? And why are you proud of height and why are you thankful for your height?

You can send me some emails and if I like them, I'll be posting them on this blog to also serve as an inspiration to other short guys. Women can also send me emails such as posting stories about their friends or boyfriends who are shorter than them and etc. Email me at randombrah@gmail.com.

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